New Flock

I downloaded Flock again, and it’s indeed quite faster, although the version number remains the same. I’d like to be able to import my firefox toolbar — all the shortcuts I often use are on it

I’d also like to be able to separate tags with spaces when I’m writing a blog post in Flock or adding a favourite to

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One thought on “New Flock

  1. Importing from other browsers will be coming, but it’s not a simple task… a lot of folks have requested this feature though and we’ve already started working on it!

    As for space delimited tags, I used to favor them as well, but over time I grew to greatly prefer comma-separated tags, which is what Flock is going to standardize on. Not being able to have multiple word tags (with spaces) is the biggest drawback to space-separated tags and beyond that, different services use different techniques to separate tags and we therefore need to choose a reliable mechanism that will work generally across the browser!

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