More Flock

Wow, this time the technorati tags actually appear in the post I made from Flock! That’s great! Now Flock only needs to let me choose a category.

Categories and tags are not the same thing.

I had some trouble publishing, though. At first, the publish button just failed silently. Then I used the Save as Draft button, and that spat out a really ugly error message which I can’t reproduce here because it was impossible to copy-paste from the window it appeared in. Then, finally, it worked.

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Oh, and I still want to get rid of those nasty <br /> tags at the end of each of my paragraphs.

One thought on “More Flock

  1. You’ll be happy to know that categories are coming in the next release. I’m personally a bit hesitant about having tags alongside categories, but for now I guess it’s ok… the real issue is having support for categories across different blogging platforms, especially as now you can’t actually create categories unless you’re in your blog’s administration area. But enough people have requested it that it makes sense for Flock to support them.

    I’ve gotten the same error message on publishing. Hopefully we’ll get that fixed in the upcoming release as well.

    And yes, the markup sucks. Another thing that I very much want fixed — and have been spending some attention on. Thanks again for the feedback!

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