Music Obsession

My current musical obsession (or crush) is the song On ira (Jean-Jacques Goldman), interpreted by Laurent Brunetti.

Laurent is a local singer whom I discovered on stage a few weeks ago. He used to sing in Café Café, the vocal group I am now part of. He has a great voice, he’s great on stage, and he’s also rather cute (the photo on the site doesn’t really do him justice).

He’ll be singing in Crissier again on December 7th. For the moment, his CD is on non-stop in my car.

3 thoughts on “Music Obsession

  1. Hello Laurent! Merci pour le commentaire — je ne pensais franchement pas que tu arriverais jusqu’ici…

    Je suis justement dans ma salle de classe en train d’écouter ton dernier CD (les élèves sont à la gym).

    Au plaisir de te voir sur scène à nouveau le 7 🙂

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