Experimental Blogging

Not for the world, but for me. I’ve been posting less on Climb to the Stars because I somehow feel that many small things that I used to post about at the beginning aren’t really worthy of a full post and the attention of many readers who do not necessarily know me. I have developed some expectations concerning the quality of what I write there.

So, I tend to write pretty long posts, or linklog, or Flickr (see those new verbs?), but I have no place for the random little things I just feel like letting out and sharing with people I know.

This is nothing revolutionary. Many people have been through this. It’s just new for me.

A long time ago, I couldn’t see the point of having more than one website. “It’s still me,” I used to think. Then I opened another website because it made sense, and another, and yet more… Now I’m starting to see the point in having more than one blog.

Rolling in the hay

My friends and my grandma don’t care about all the geeky wordpress technical stuff I often write about. They do care about the fact that Anita is visiting me, though. And that, in return, is of absolutely no interest to most people.

I’m not making this blog private. I’m not going to write anything compromising in it. It’s just going to be… uninteresting, unless you know me (maybe).

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