Annoying Thingy

I try to center the photos I add to my posts, but strips off the style attribute from my tags.

Anybody know how I can center my photos?

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Blogging since 2000, and still at it. Sailing, skiing, judo-ing. Geek with social skills. Freelance consultant, speaker, trainer, thinker. Social media without the hype.
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8 Responses to Annoying Thingy

  1. anusharaji says:

    did u try teh center tag?

  2. miklb says:

    looking at the CSS for the theme, you should be able to add the class=”center” to the img tag.

  3. steph says:

    Oh, thanks for the class=”center”. Should have thought of that myself.

  4. steph says:

    Ah well, it strips off the class attribute too…

  5. Andy says:

    I’ve done it using the button marked “Align Center” in the toolbar. That button creates div align=”center”.

  6. darrenterhune says:

    The correct code is
    Hope you figured this out by now, if not hope this works for you!

  7. darrenterhune says:


  8. darrenterhune says:


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